My tutoring practice and methods are determined by the needs of the individual student, whether that student is in middle school, high school, or college. Where possible, I prefer not to coach students through specific assignments, as I find that discourages students from developing their own ideas in their own way and interferes with the classroom teacher’s work. Instead, I construct a program for each student that takes into account his or her skills as a critical thinker, reader, and writer. In an initial conversation with the student (and with parents and teachers as appropriate), I assess his or her strengths, interests, concerns, and goals. We may find ourselves reading together and discussing complex texts, or freewriting to generate ideas, or working on good editing and proofreading practice through multiple drafts of an essay, for example. My aim is to help the student succeed on all future assignments and projects, rather than simply allowing him or her to complete the task at hand. In each case, ideally, I hope to make myself obsolete.