“The college process was in full effect, and I was as stressed out as ever when someone referred me to Megan. I met with her every week; we brainstormed until we found the right ideas. She not only helped me with writing my essays, but she truly helped me grow as a writer and as a student. I had so many friends that had writing coaches who basically wrote their essays for them, and I was proud to tell those friends that my writing teacher, Megan, does not do this type of work. She knows how to inspire students and get creativity flowing. I can honestly say that working with Megan is one of the main reasons I got into good schools. I would recommend Megan to anyone who wants help with writing because she not only helps you get work done, but she helps develop your own process.”

Gracie, high school senior (class of 2013), Altadena, CA

“Megan delivers the perfect blend of structure, motivation, and encouragement to students going through the college essay writing process. She understands the high schooler so well and is brilliant at working with those who are not known for being self-starters. The exercises and techniques she developed draw out the best in a student, producing original work that the student can be very proud of and that is sure to impress college admissions directors. Her expertise, knowledge, and familiarity with the requirements of institutions and their supplements are invaluable. To date my daughter is six for six on college acceptances and I attribute a great deal of this result to the work Megan did with her. I simply cannot imagine going through this process without Megan and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Stacia R. (Gracie’s mother), Altadena, CA

“I met with Dr. Stephan once a week during my fall semester of my senior year. For these two months, she helped me with every essay and supplement I had to write for the numerous universities that I applied to. During our one-on-one meetings we brainstormed, edited, and discussed the essay and supplement questions. By the end of this process I was able to submit every essay before the winter break. Before each appointment, I would take the notes that we had discussed during our previous meetings, and implement the changes into my essays. Without Dr. Stephan’s help, the difficult process would have not only taken a greater amount of time, but also could have hindered my academic success during the fall semester. I would without a doubt highly recommend Dr. Stephan’s services to any student who is looking for help with their writing or college essay and application process.”

Jesse K., high school senior (class of 2013), Sherman Oaks, CA

“Dr. Stephan was my son’s high school English teacher in 11th grade.  Under her tutelage, I watched my son blossom into a more confident and expressive writer. When it came time to face the college application and essay process, I did not hesitate to ask her to help him maneuver through the overwhelming task of working on all of the required essays and supplements. Throughout this process, Dr. Stephan encouraged Jesse to think outside of the box.  Each week, before their meetings, my son would email the drafts of his essay to her.  During their scheduled appointment, she would help him organize his thoughts (when needed), and made whatever recommendations that she believed to be applicable.  The final products were well constructed and articulate answers to the variety of sometimes obscure prompts presented by each university. Having been through the college application process two times before this, I have to admit that this was the most positive and almost painless experience of any of my sons! With Dr. Stephan’s guidance and encouragement, my son completed all eleven essays early on in the fall of his senior year.  We are truly grateful and feel blessed to have been able to work with her.”

Jan W. (Jesse’s mother), Sherman Oaks, CA